The Circle App

Easy to use. Protecting your safety right away.

Instinct Control

Simple to use, we want you to enjoy time of using app not spending time on learning how to use it.

Tracking range decided by you!!

You can set it up from 10 meters to 100 meters as your considerations.

Download from Google Play

Active Notification

You will get notifications of Circle's status

And Circle will also tells you to charge battery, you will never worry about the low battery issue.

Mute Mode

Sometimes you may not want to bother people in the movie theater or library, you can simply switch warning to mute.

Download from Google Play

Using Circle on anything, anywhere & any moment

Circle is perfect for using as a keychain, a bag strap, additionally you could use it for children, pets, on the car, on the motorcycle, home, etc. as many as 8 Circles to track at a time.

Easy to know each Circle

Using multiple Circles? No worried, just take a picture of them and name it.

Download from Google Play

Selfie so easy

It's so easy to switch between front and back camera.

What if I missed the warning?

Our Map mode will show you the location of last warning to help you to go back and search it out, or you could even email to friends who are nearby to help you out.

Download from Google Play

Auto Restoration

your data & settings will auto restored back at next time of re-install the app.