Smart personal alarm

  • What is the smart personal alarm do?

    When you switched on the panic alarm Circle will automatically send out SOS text messages and GPS locations to 3 people in every 8 seconds. The receivers will see your location in realtime even you are moving.

  • How is it works?

    Circle comes with two modes that you could choose from
    - Panic Mode, by press and hold the panic button to activate the alarm sound, 95dB, to protect your safety.
    - Silent Mode, by short press, approximatly one second, the panic button to activate it with no alarm sound to safe you quitely.

  • How does GPS work on Circle?

    Circle doesn't comes with stand alone GPS function, it connects with your mobile phone via bluetooth 4.2, the GPS position is captured from your mobile phone. Our bluetooth connectivity strenght is up to 100 meters* between Circle and mobile phone, so it means you could use Circle as it connects to your phone.
    *varied by environment and mobile phone's bluetooth quality

  • What else do I need to use Circle?

    Your service plan from mobile phone carrier must comes with data services for better quality of locating positions.

  • How many contacts can I setup for receiving SOS text messages?

    You could setup up to 3 people as receivers, it could done by entering the phone number or choosing contacts from phone book, by taping the icon on the right side of field.

  • How do I edit the SOS text message?

    You could edit the message on the button of the home page of the app. We recommend the shorter and clear message is better than the long one, you don't have to worry about the GPS location, the system will attach it automatically.


  • How far it could be tracked?

    It is as far as 100 meters between Circle and your phone*
    *varied by environment and mobile phone's bluetooth quality

The Circle app

Purchases and Shippings

  • Where can I purchase Circle?

    Circle is now only available in Taiwan marketing and we are looking for distributors who want to sell it in your country, if you are interesting in please contact us at here