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The brand new smart personal safety alarm

The old fashioned personal panic alarm is only designed for awaring the people nearby, but Circle changes the way it is and becomes smarter than ever. Your friends will receive SOS texts and see your GPS locations when you need the help anywhere in the world.

TWO smart panic modes

Panic mode

The alarm is as high as 95 dB* and will keep sending out SOS messages with GPS locations

*It's tested in the lab.

Delay response panic button

It means you need to press and hold the button to turn on the alarm to avoid accidental push.

Silent mode

Circle can send out SOS messages in silent* so the person who put you in danger won't even know you are asking for helps

*Your mobile phone will vibrate when it sends out the SOS messages, so you know your requests are on the way

How to activate the silent SOS mode?

You just short press panic button, approximately 1 second, to start it.

A very intuitive control

The panic button is right on the back of the Circle

SOS messages

Up to 3 people keep getting texts in every 8 seconds while the panic alarm activated

Showing on the map

Your GPS locations will be shown on the messages, and you will be saved immediately in most effective way.

How Circle can protect your safety?

  • Compare with old fashioned panic alarm

    When would Circle protects your safety?

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